Thursday, 12 April 2012

Maths eLearning Reflection

I feel that statistics help a lot in real life. It is because that statistics can help in summarising stuff like sales or what certain people like of certain stuff, like books they read or what type of food they like. It also helps in organising certain data that the people have collected. Statistics consist of many things like graphs, histogram, line graphs, bar graphs, charts and pictogram. Therefore, statistics help to organize data collected. It can also help in telling someone how much that person has earned over a few months or years, or to tell how the students of a certain school did for the examinations. Statistics can also tell the weather of a certain place, what is the span of the duration of a weather or which area has the same weather as others. Sometimes, in real life, certain graphs and charts can bring misconceptions to the one reading it, because the person who created the graph or chart used the wrong graph or chart, therefore, it leads to a misconception in the reading of the graph or chart. Therefore, people should be taught on which graph or chart is useful for which problem or situations. I have had experiences of reading and drawing graphs and charts. Usually I would draw the correct graphs, but for some, I used the wrong graph or chart. It is because I did not read the question properly, and thus used the wrong graph or chart to present my data collected. For most of the graphs or charts, we have to assume. For example, a pictogram. It has pictures but there is no legend. Therefore, we have to assume that each picture stands for 1, unless there is a legend provided in the graph or chart. I feel that certain mistakes done by people like using the wrong graph or chart should be avoided as it will create misconceptions in reading the graph or chart and this may result in a loss of business. A loss of business could also mean that the company has to be shut down, which will result to people losing jobs. And if that person is the only one in the family working to earn money to feed the family, the family would not be able to survive. Overall, I think that statistics play a huge part in everybody’s life, especially for those who are working as a businessman or businesswoman because statistics can help them to present their data for certain meetings and also for those who would like to advertise their company.

Friday, 25 November 2011

My experience in creating this blog

Honestly, I found the making of this blog kind of complicating because I had a problem with creating the Google Account. But after I created a Google Account, the process of creating this blog went quite smooth. Blogging can help me improve my learning experience in SST by helping me to learn how to create a blog.

My reaction to the letter of acception

I felt very shocked when I received the letter of acception from SST because I did not expect myself to actually make it into SST.